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Web Cast

Streaming, also called webcasting, allows the simultaneous transfer and display of audio, video, and rich media to computers, mobile phones, i-Pods accessing the web. Interactive elements like, presentation slides, live chat, Q&A can be run in sync with the video and the content can be archived. Top executives and business heads are now streaming messages; TV interviews; press & analyst meets; and live events to employees, investors, clients and the media. They are also using streaming media for marketing & corporate communication; to train sales force and customer support personnel and collaborate online.

Why Webcast

  • Customised, point to multi-point delivery of your Audio-Visual files to select clientele
  • Get viwership reports that substantiate the effect of the outreach exercise.


  • Create on-line knowledge pools accessible by people world-wide and get rid of those messy CDs and loads of transcription pages
  • Use it for internal communication like CEOs address for the multi-locational employees.
  • All this while the employees remain seated in their seats.
  • Use it to extend the reach of your confetrence outside the designated venue. wide reach at a very affordable price.
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